Gabriel Iglesias’ Weight Loss is Truly Inspirational

We all know Gabriel Iglesias as a truly funny guy. He even has the ability to make fun of his own weight and use those jokes during his monologues. Considering his physical appearance alone, Gabriel is not bothered by it. However, he said that he needs to start losing weight in order to live longer as he was warned that he would die if he doesn’t change. Gabriel Iglesias’ weight loss is not as drastic as the others for he believes in baby steps.

Gabriel Iglesias is on a personal mission to lose over 115 pounds in two years in an effort to stay healthy and live longer.

Gabriel rose to stardom in the world of comedy for his ability to make fun of various situations, starting with him being a fat guy.

His doctor told him that he only had 2 years to live if he didn’t change his lifestyle and start losing weight.

His efforts to lose weight have nothing to do with his looks, but his goal to stay healthy. He is constantly struggling, but he has to remain focused.

His girlfriend was the first one who really changed his mind and made him realize that it was high time to start a healthier lifestyle.

As he started his efforts to lose weight, he admitted that he cried. He really thought the challenges were extremely difficult.

He found a way to live a healthier lifestyle despite being on the go all the time. He found hacks so he could eat in fast food chains without sacrificing his fitness goals.

He acknowledges that drinking is still a struggle for him. He has now cut it back to just once in a month or two instead of the usual 4 times a week.

Gabriel believes that weight loss is not something that you do overnight. You have to take baby steps in order to reach your goals.

Gabriel has a friend who helps him keep tab of his progress and motivates him if ever he forgets to stay track in his lifestyle change.