Lotto Dominator Review: Scam of all scams

Do you ever dream of winning the lottery? Having a lot of money with just a little investment would be really great, right?

So if you hear about a product that guarantees you to win the lottery for as much times as you can, wouldn’t you go ahead and grab it?

Lotto Dominator offers you strategies on how to surely win the lottery. But is it a scam?

What is Lotto Dominator?

Lotto dominator is a method used to win the lottery which was invented by Richard Lustig. Richard Lustig has won the lotto for 7 times and that drove him to create the Lotto Dominator.

Richard believes that his winnings were not based on luck but rather it relies on a formula that is available in his website. He said that by analyzing the winning lotto numbers and listening to previous winners, he was able to formulate the said winning method.

Despite the fact that Richard has won the lottery he did not gave the method for free instead he requires people to pay $49.

True enough, there has been a lot of methodology created based on numbers to win the lottery. Patterns!! Yes, that is all it is about. Unfortunately, the all of the methodologies created by previous ones were all flop.

Prior to Lotto Dominator, it was first known as Lotto Winning University and then it changed its name again as Lotto Crusher. Because of its frequent change of name, Lotto Dominator generated a lot speculation.

Probably the reason as to why it has changed its name for a couple of times is because has a lot of negative review.

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How does Lotto Dominator work?

Lotto Dominator has 6 steps that you need to follow.

  1. Step 1: Start by writing down the previous winning combination
  2. Step 2: If you have already listed at least 7 combinations, plug it in on the Lotto Dominator. Then just a bit of addition, subtraction and a few division. Boom!
  3. Step 3: Buy your ticket!! Just do not spend more than $25 per game.
  4. Step 4: Continue repeating the process until you win. J

So go! Will you risk $49 for a chance to win?

What’s in it for me: Advantages of Lotto Dominator

Is there really any benefit from this program? Well, according to some Lotto Dominator Reviews, there are.

  • Visually pleasing. The way that Richard presented the method would certainly attract the attention of people
  • It can be accessed thru smartphones, computers or laptops
  • User-friendly. Anyone can easily understand the method
  • No complicated processes
  • 24 by 7 customer support
  • 60 day 100% Money back guarantee

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Disadvantages of Lotto Dominator

  • There is no guarantee that you will the jackpot
  • It does not predict the best time for you to win

Real Testimonials from Real Customers

These reviews are from various website. Let’s fish in to the positive reviews first.

“It is a cool read with a lot of useful tips. I have already done most of the tips though but I am happy to know that I am just where I am supposed to be. Some tips are a bit confusing though. Some repeats itself and would even contradict the other steps. But it is useful though.” – Amazon customer

“Helpful tips.” – Rhye

“I expected a lot more but I would still give it a 3 star.” – Alex

Now, to the negative ones. Ready?

“It does not work.” – Wendy

“This is just not the real one. It only provides you suggestions and nothing outright. There is no real formula.” –Kindle Customer

“Unfortunately I fell for its catchy advertisement. I used the method and…. I lost over 80%!!! Just to say, lottery is pure luck. No such system will give you the winning numbers. Don’t waste your money.” – L. Porter

“I received it as a gift. I must say that is has some good advice. It also advices you to send in losing ticket since offers a bit of prize for each. But the primary is mathematical formula is plain BS. It does not do anything.

It does not literally tell you how to win. The creator simply wants to give you useless information to gain money. “ – AbatteryBunny

Final Thoughts

Okay. So the creator keeps on changing the name of the product from Lotto Winning University to Lotto Crusher and now Lotto Dominator. This simply confuses a lot of people.

Plus, if you are someone who wants to help other people and you did not spend a lot of money to create something, wouldn’t it be more humane if you will just let them access whatever it is for free? But Richard charge for a formula!

Doesn’t it look like some swindler just want to earn more money than what he is already earning. That kind of scam wherein you believe their too good to be true promises, spend money on it, and realize that you got scammed!!

This program also uses Clickbank. As you guys know, Clickbank earns commission from every sale. That is why they have an extravagant way of advertising the product. So who would want to pay somebody else for something to earn money? Right, scammers!!

If I am part of Clickbank, I would simply use the method I am selling, stay at home, buy tickets and wait the money to come rushing my door. *sigh

Furthermore, lottery is a game of luck. It does not require any mathematical or statistical formula to win. If that is the case, I guess there will be a lot winner by now right?  If I am Richard, I would rather keep the formula to myself and continue winning the lottery every month.

I think Richard bought a lot of ticket to increase the chance of winning. He never even shared how many times he lost before he got the chance to win. But nonetheless, winning the lottery 7 times, he is one lucky man!

If you would still want to purchase..

Despite the fact that I already told you not to do so, here’s the link to their website