An Amazing Uncovered Secret from 1700 Years Ago! Ring Ease (Life Now Naturals) Review!

Many people all over the world, mostly the elders, suffer from Tinnitus. Tinnitus causes you to hear a loud ringing sound that is very annoying, especially when you’re trying to concentrate on a task that requires great mental focus. If you’re one of the many people all over the world suffering from Tinnitus, then it might be for your interest to read this Ring Ease (Life Now Naturals) Review, because this might be the key to regain the silence and a peace of mind that you’ve lost.

Ring Ease, the subject of this review, is a miracle supplement that claims to be able to cure Tinnitus. The very secret of this miracle supplement and the true nature of Tinnitus was uncovered thanks to the efforts of one man trying to cure his father of the debilitating condition. Tinnitus is not a disease, but is a symptom of a natural body reaction against a disease.

Ring Ease? What’s that?

Ring Ease is a food supplement that can is made specifically to combat Tinnitus and the root cause of it. It’s made from natural ingredients from Thailand and is the result of a secret tea from 1700 years ago, uncovered in modern era by David Smith, the creator of Ring Ease. The supplement isn’t a medicine so there are no synthetic ingredients.

Not only will Ring Ease combat Tinnitus, it may also aid other hearing problems and restore weakened hearing. One needs only to follow the instructions on how to take Ring Ease to experience the benefits for this miraculous supplement.

So what Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition where the person suffering from it hears a ringing sound when there seems to be no source for the sound anywhere. It’s not because the source is hidden: its because there is no outside source for the sound at all. The sound, as the inventor of Ring Ease discovered, is actually inside the ear, specifically the nerves of the ears.

These nerves get infected and this would trigger a response called Cochlear Nerve Inflammation. The inflammation affects the ears and not only deprives it of blood, but also causes the nerves to send the wrong signals to the brain. This may lead to weakened hearing or, worse, that head-splitting ringing that makes everyone crazy.

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Who made Ring Ease?

Ring Ease is the brainchild of David Smith, who first started researching for a cure for Tinnitus after his father almost died because of it. His research led him to the remote jungles of Thailand where a certain fruit containing Citrus Bioflavonoids has protected the ears of Buddhist warrior monks since 1700 years ago. The monks used the fruit to make tea that protected their hearing for years, allowing the monks to gain near perfect hearing.

When he realized what the fruit did and what’s the real cause of Tinnitus is, he searched for other ingredients that can fight off inflammation and found those other ingredients, which are also available in Thailand: a certain type of Ginkgo Biloba and Thai Garlic. With a small amount of Magnesium, he created the formula that what is now Ring Ease, featured in this Ring Ease (Life Now Naturals) Review.

So what are the ingredients?

Ring Ease is composed of 4 ingredients:

  1. Citrus Bioflavonoids – retrieved from a rare fruit found only specifically in Thailand. They are nutrients that relieves the body from any inflammation.
  2. Ginkgo Biloba – A certain type of Ginkgo Biloba found in Thailand contains Flavonoids and Ginkgolides that can help against inflammation.
  3. Thai Garlic – Another ingredient from Thailand that’s also rich in Flavonoids
  4. Magnesium – Aids against inflammation and makes your ears healthy overall.

These all natural ingredients are guaranteed to be 100% safe. None of the ingredients are synthetic like those found in other supplement in the market today.

How to use Ring Ease and how it can help me

Ring Ease is easy to use: take two capsules, one in the morning and one at night for 30 days. The reason you need to take it for 30 days is because if you’ve been suffering from Tinnitus for so long, your ears most likely have gained some damage. It will take at least 2 weeks before the ringing stops.

It is recommended that users buy 5 more bottles of they are convinced it is working to continue the dosage. Three months will fully restore your ear’s hearing somewhat. Then after 6 months, you’ll gain the same perfect hearing that the Buddhist monks in Thailand have, protecting your ears forever from Cochlear Nerve Inflammation.

Using Ring Ease will spare you from risky and costly treatments that may cost thousands of dollars, while not being 100% safe and may even make things worse. Also, by using Ring Ease, you’ll also gain other benefits that the ingredients provide, such as better sleep and better digestion, improving your overall health.

So where can I get Ring Ease? And is it expensive?

The downside is that this supplement is not available in any drugstore or supermarket anywhere: it can only be bought in the Life Now Naturals’ website, at Each bottle is sold for $69. However, they also have bonus deals: you may buy 3 bottles for just $59, and you can have 6 bottles for just $49.

Isn’t this a scam? Does it really work for everyone?

This isn’t a scam, it definitely works and there are a lot of testimonials from other users in their website. However, these are supplements and there are no therapeutic claims. The effects of the supplements and their effectiveness also vary from person to person and some may find that this product may not work for them for some reason.

Also, the product may 100% all natural, but certain people may have allergic reactions when coming into contact with some of the ingredients, so be sure to ask your doctor first. If you have ingested this product and show signs of allergy, please immediately stop the use of this product and seek medical attention.


In this Ring Ease (Life Now Naturals) Review, we have told you the amazing effects of this miraculous supplement and the other amazing things this supplement can do for you. If you buy one now, you can join the 21,000 other satisfied customers around the world who finally gained back their control of their hearing.

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