Total Restore Review – Everything You Need to Know

In this Total Restore review, where we will take a closer look at what this product is; know the contents of this wonderful supplement that has helped countless men and women, how much it costs, and how it can benefit everyone.

Sometimes you feel a little discomfort in your stomach, unsure if it is gas or indigestion. Then you also suffer from irregular bowel movement, constipation and you always get tired easily.

These are just few of the symptoms of what we call a leaky gut. A leaky gut is a condition where the small intestine’s lining is damaged. With this condition, symptoms are not just limited to what we mentioned. Mood swings, hormonal imbalance, joint pains are also symptoms caused by a damaged gut lining.

Dr. Steven Gundry, an expert in heart surgery, pioneered the Holobiotics, amazingly found a cure to a leaky gut. He carefully formulated a supplement that contains only natural ingredients to help repair the damaged lining of the gut. The supplement is called Total Restore.

First, let us familiarize ourselves with the leaky gut. What is a leaky gut? What does it do to our health and what can we do to prevent us from having a leaky gut?

A Leaky Gut by simple definition, it is an intestinal penetrability or holes in your intestinal linings that bacteria and waste pass through. One of the perpetrators in the leaky gut is lectins. Lectins tend to stretch the intestinal linings, thereby creating holes that allowing bacteria and waste to infect the bloodstream.

Different people may have different symptoms, but if you tend to be exhausted always, encounter stomach discomfort, brain fog, food cravings and even skin issues, leaky gut could be the reason.

What is Total Restore?

Total Restore is a very potent supplement formulated by Dr. Steven Gundry, a well-known heart surgeon, who dedicated his life to helping other people to live a healthier life through diet and healthy lifestyle.

Total Restore is an all-natural ingredients formula that went through testing for safety, quality, and purity. It helps in fighting leaky gut by repairing or promoting a healthier gut lining.

In turn, you will have a better digestive condition, higher energy levels and live a comfortable and healthier life.

Total Restore is made of 16 all-natural ingredients accurately formulated in a powerful supplement. We are going to list down the advantages of the Total Restore:

  • Developed to eliminate gas, bloating, constipation, etc.
  • Increase your energy level;
  • Improve your mood;
  • Get rid of food cravings;
  • Ease joint pains and stiffness;
  • Made in the USA, with 90-day Money Back Guarantee;
  • Certified State of the Art Facility

What do I get when I take the Total Restore Supplement?

This is a revolutionary formula that designed to cure leaky gut, safely and naturally. This supplement when taken as recommended can help nourish and fix the gut lining. This shall prevent bacteria from entering the bloodstream.

People when taking this supplement will:

  • Experience improvement in digestive issues like bloating, gas, etc;
  • Lessen the hard-to-lose belly fats;
  • Be healthier and comfortable;
  • Get rid of joint pains and skin issues; and
  • Be more energetic

What are the Ingredients?

  • L-Glutamine. This amino acid smoothens the intestine’s lining and also reduce food cravings. It also helps in keeping the correct and healthy weight.
  • N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine. It helps absorbs lectins, preventing them from stretching your gut lining. It also eases joint pains.
  • Licorice Root Extract. It helps in repairing and restoring gut lining and also relieve individuals from heartburn o acid reflux.
  • PepZin GI. It is a combination of Zinc and L-Carnosine, not only soothes gut lining and naturally repair damaged tissues.

Those are just the powerful 4 of the 16 potent ingredients formulated to create a perfect supplement for gut lining fix.

Here are the other ingredients worth mentioning as they take part in the Total Restore supplement:

  • Cinnamon
  • Grapefruit
  • Grape Seed
  • Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate
  • Maitake Mushroom
  • Strawberry, Cherry, Blueberry, Elderberry, Cranberry
  • Wormwood

Customer reviews and testimonials

Before we purchase a product, we normally look for feedback, reviews, and testimonials. If we were to do the same with this product, then you will never have to think twice about buying the Total Restore. There have been many testimonials and Total Restore reviews from the people who have tried and succeeded with Total Restore. Mostly positive reviews, a good indicator if indeed the product is legit or not.

Can this be taken by everyone?

Definitely. It has all-natural ingredients with no known side-effects. It has been tested for purity, quality, and safety.

Although, I still recommend that you seek your doctor’s advice before using the product. Also, people in specific medications should see their doctors first, the same goes to the pregnant women. It Is better to be safe than to be sorry.

How long before the supplement takes effect?

A lot of those who tried the Total Restore reported to have improvement in digestion, energy, and overall health, in just a matter of days. However, it is still recommended that you take it for about a month, then you will discover the dramatic results that you are looking for. Better digestion, more energy, hormonal balance, relieved of joint paints, overall healthier and happier life.


  • 1 bottle = $69.95
  • 3 bottles=$209.85
  • 6 bottles=$317.70

Should I buy Total Restore?

It may sound as not-so-serious condition, but having a damaged gut lining can do a lot of bad and uncomfortable things like irregular bowel movement, mood swings, brain fog, joint pains, and other digestion issues. One has to remember that with food digestion is critical to one’s health. Keeping a healthy gut can mean a better defense to toxins and impurities. Also with healthy gut, you will have good moods, balanced hormones, one can think clearly, and the list goes on.


Total Restore is an all-natural supplement carefully formulated to fight leaky gut. It has passed all the safety, quality, and purity tests with no known side-effects. It does not just repair or restore the intestinal linings but also improves the whole well-being of an individual. Highly recommended to those who have sensitive stomach and those who travel a lot.

There are a lot of Total Restore reviews all over the net which talks about how helpful and effective the supplement is.

About the Author

Dr. Steven Gundry, a popular heart surgeon, author, inventor, innovator, and founder of the Gundry MD, Dedicated his life to helping people live a healthy and happy life.