Over 40 Ab Solution Review – The Solution for Your Flabby Stomach?

Everybody hopes to have well toned sculpted abs, because of how it’s in conjunction with being healthy. And with today’s Ab Solution review, we will see if this book can help us achieve a leaner body and healthier lifestyle.


Over 40 Ab Solution is specifically designed to target consumers who are 40 and above.

As the body’s metabolic rate plummets with age, losing fat becomes, even more, harder to do. But by just doing a very simple and comprehensive 12-minute work out every day five times a week you’ll achieve your dream body in no time.

How does Over 40 Ab Solution work in making you the better version of you?

Now to start off the Over 40 Ab Solution review. Let me start with how does the program works in giving you an effective diet program that will work with your body despite your slowing metabolism.

The Program was designed to have three successive steps in which each of them will get you closer to burning fat faster and easier, and to show you a quick explanation check out the summary below:

1st Zone

This zone is called prime, and as what the name of this zone implies, it readies the body into burning fat more effectively by doing some pre-exercises to ready the fat burning hormone, and at the same time those moves will also stabilize your insulin level to give a boost to this fat burning method

2nd Zone

Releasing the fat burning hormone will now happen through this zone after the body was prepared and stabilized

The succeeding part of the prime zone, named release, is a 1 minute and 20-second workout that was divided into three exercise movements

  • 1st – A 20-second exercise that helps in boosting your adrenaline rush
  • 2nd – 30-second movement to help the release of hormone growth
  • 3rd – The move that helps in removing glycogen and improve your fat burning session.

3rd Zone

Burn is the third and last zone that the 12-minute workout regime that you’ll face. This exercises is where the body will restrict the fat cells from coming back, that way it will ensure that you lose weight faster and easier.

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Over 40 Ab Solution benefits and disadvantages

Since we already discussed how Over 40 Ab Solution works in burning your fat, let’s now proceed with the programs pros and cons to see if Pros will outweigh Cons or will it be the other way around?


  • Easy to do at home
  • No need to hit the gym
  • Will only take 12 minutes to do the whole routine
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • The exercises were claimed to be significantly extreme for weak bodies.
  • People diagnosed with obesity or severe health problems can have complications doing the program.
  • Reported as a poorly written book with little to no explanations.
  • Automatically signs you up to a $7 subscription every month after going for a 30-day free trial
  • Have you read carefully its pros and cons? Well, don’t go placing your money yet because I still have some things left to say.

Where to buy?

The book can be bought through their official website and originally retails for $47, however, because of Over 40 Ab Solution’s discount you can purchase the book for $37 with five inclusive freebies that you can use to help you lose weight more effectively:

BONUS #1 – Over 40 Abs Fast Start Guide

BONUS #2 – The Over 40 Stubborn Fat Solution

BONUS #3 – Hormone Optimization Diet Manual

BONUS #4 – Belly Bloat Elimination Cheatsheet

BONUS #5 – Special “8 Ways Drinking Clean Water…”

But wait – Over 40 Ab Solution might be a scam?

If you carefully read about my pros and cons, you will see that at the end of the cons category that I said how this program automatically signs you up to a monthly paid subscription.

No questions asked and you’re signed up right away.

After finding that out, my doubt about this product made me more skeptical with its motifs. And it was only worsened when I found some reviews claiming that after downloading the book and reading it, the consumer found out that the book to be so poorly written, which made it difficult to comprehend the instruction provided within the pages.

I also found out that Shaun Hadsall is untraceable. He claimed to be one of the  most successful franchises but where is the proof. His interviews with the leading news companies?

Just a quick search of his name, to check his interviews will result in nothing. There is no record of Shaun Hadsall interviews on any leading news companies

The verdict of Over 40 Ab Solution

Now to bring judgment to this diet program my answer is a NO.

First of all, as what I had mentioned before, they don’t inform you anything about a paid subscription. That alone was already a red flag for me. Because, if some instance the consumer bought it and did not check that he was signed up to a paid subscription, that will be a nightmare spending your precious dollars on something I do not use.

Second, would be the untraceable background of Shaun Hadsall, the news companies he declared to be proof of his existence and his program’s authenticity are missing. None of his mentioned interviews pops up in any search engine.

And lastly, of course, the first hand experienced people who have tried out the product who declared that it was a waste of time and money because of its poorly written instructions and explanations that it was incomprehensible.

But don’t be down and feel sad if you failed to find a program useless again. What I recommend is that you consult with a doctor and specialist in this field, most especially if you are over the age of 40,

Exercising and weight loss programs should be practiced with precautions for you because of different aspects.

Now with that in mind concludes my Over 40 Ab Solution review.

I hope that you learned something new today.

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