Silencis Pro reviews

Silencis Pro reviews are generally positive. We set out to uncover the truth behind the product, the real reviews, the results you can expect from it and the things you need to know about your order before committing to purchasing a package.

First of all, what really sets the Silencis Pro supplement apart is the great discovery that Tinnitus has its roots in the brain, not the actual ear. For tens of years experiments and treatments always focused on the ear, one notable experiment conducted in the 1950’s, even proposed surgically cutting the auditory nerve for Tinnitus patients, under the assumption that once they’ll be deaf they will be “cured” of Tinnitus.

However, this assumption turned out to be false and the patients who took part in the trial were left deaf and with an even higher intensity Tinnitus.

Other more recent studies also sustained this idea and a brain scan of a Tinnitus patient even proved that Tinnitus “travels” across the brain. It actually represents a series of neurons (brain cells) misfiring, sending alarm signals that they’re getting drowned out by toxins and don’t get enough oxygen.

This causes the brain cells to decay faster and one of the first physical manifestations of this is actually Tinnitus.

Silencis Pro Real Reviews

The internet is filled with Silencis Pro reports and criticism but we always like to look for valid complaints. It’s very easy for anyone to write negative things about a brand, product or person under the protection of anonymity, but almost none of them tell a compelling story of them ordering the product, taking the pills according to the instructions, etc.

We’ve been more than impressed with the ordering process (easy, fast, no hidden charges) and their care and dedication towards making this entire experience a pleasant one. We could actually feel that we were doing something that mattered for our overall health.

That is a feeling we can’t put a price on. Because often times we’ve lost hope with expensive treatments and useless visits to ear specialists who shrugged at us after putting us in debt with their constant probing and examining… We can only describe the experience of taking Silencis Pro as…”empowering”.

Silencis Pro Results

Results will vary depending on how quickly your body responds to the ingredients. Some people feel better faster, while others may take longer.

The minimum amount of time you are advised to take the Silencis Pro pills is 30 days. Continuous use is not harmful, so you don’t need to take breaks between bottles.

In the event that you feel you haven’t experienced the desired results, a refund policy is in place. You can return the remaining pills, or the empty bottles for a full refund, 60 days after your pills were shipped.

We tested the refund of the funds and it took 5 business days for the money to be back in the account; which was within the expected timeframe indicated by their customer service (3 to 5 business days).

Silencis Pro Order

Their official website is the only way you can get your hands on Silencis Pro. They claim to have cut the middleman in order to preserve the low price of each Silencis Pro bottle.

You can purchase it under three different packages. First, a single bottle is priced at $69, while three bottles are priced at $59 per bottle, and six bottles are priced at $49 per bottle.

Their website says that this is a special promotional price which will be discontinued when the stocks finish. Since it is meant to be a supplement which encourages normal brain function, their most popular package is the 6-bottle one.

Also, an important note would be that all the Silencis Pro Reviews mention that they do not have any recurring charges, hidden subscriptions or other fees which would pop up unexpectedly on your credit card.

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