The AZ Code Review – A Legit Way of Making Money?

The AZ Code is a system which promises to make people rich without spending too much money for start-up capital. Our goal in this AZ Code review is to see if the program is legitimate and if it delivers to its promises.

Affiliate marketing is one way of earning money on the Internet by promoting other people’s product. All you need is find the product you like, promote it, and earn commission from the sale of the product. Amazon is the world’s largest Internet company based in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest Internet retailer founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Amazon sells a lot of products being the world’s largest Internet retailer.

To become affiliated with Amazon, one has to apply through their affiliate program called Amazon Associates. Once you get in and you’ve signed up, links will then be provided to the product you wish to promote. Commissions will be given when the affiliate link is clicked and the product (s) you promote is bought.

Now, let us take a closer look at what the AZ Code is. We will see what this program can offer, especially if it is legit or not..

What is the AZ Code?

It is a program brought to us by Andrew Peterson which claims to help you make $3,000 in Amazon commissions every week. The price is $37 and by paying that, you will have access to the platform and training materials they offer.

This program claims to have an easy-to-navigate interface and easy to understand instructions. It earns by promoting any product from Amazon you like to promote, and you will get your commissions when the link that Amazon gave you is clicked and when the product is bought.

This is technically an affiliate-marketing software where everything is already made for you. You simply have to follow the instructions, and voila, you have a chance to earn $3, 000 a week.

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How does the AZ Code work?

Basically, it works the same way affiliate marketing works. The difference is that everything is done for you already. On the website, it is vaguely explained how the AZ Code works. But you will know that it is like affiliate marketing. The author claims the instructions and tutorial is straightforward, showing you how to get rich on Amazon.

The program also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if you think that it does not meet its promises, you can always ask for a full refund.

What comprises the AZ Code?

Basically, the AZ Code is divided into 4 parts. These parts are divided in a way such that beginners will not have a difficult time in using the program. It is also said that the instructions can easily be understood.

To summarize the content of the AZ Code, it’s like learning affiliate marketing in a classroom setting. You would first be asked to choose the product you’re looking to make money out of. Then, you will be taught how you can build a website with the basics of web content, web design, and blogging.

The most crucial step of all is learning how to generate traffic to make people come and visit your website. There are websites who get visited a thousand times per day – that’s what your goal should be. Although there are ways on how to increase traffic, computers, AIs, and bots won’t buy things from you. They would just help in traffic generation to make you appear at the top of the queue.

The program claims that once you start subscribing, you start earning. Although it’s quite hard-to-believe, it’s something that you can consider especially if you plan on earning money through affiliate marketing or through the Internet.

Building, managing, and maintaining a website is like maintaining any business. You need to have the guts, you have to be fearless, and you need to be creative in approaching how you want your goal to appear.

Is it a scam? Do people buy it?

Making money through Amazon by affiliation is not that simple. For a bigger probability that the product(s) you choose to promote is bought, there has to be traffic on your website. The people I know earn a lot via affiliate marketing have so many friends on Facebook, so many followers on blogs and in social media accounts.

I would not call it a scam because you get something from paying $37. It is just hard to believe that in a short amount of time, you will start earning. $3, 000 a week.

The good thing about it is that the AZ Code offers 60-day money-back guarantee. It’s quite predictable that what they promise is kind of hard-to-achieve, but who knows? This might just be the one you’re looking for.

The AZ Code pros:

  1. The price is just $37 and you will have access the AZ Code system;
  2. You will learn a lot of things especially about affiliate marketing, blogging, and building a website;
  3. Instructions are easy-to-follow; and
  4. They guarantee a 60-day money-back offer

The AZ Code cons:

  1. Lack of information about AZ Code and its author on the official website;
  2. You won’t be having access to it offline – you need to have internet connection; and
  3. Different AZ Code reviews are negative, a majority of them are

What I can say about the product?

There are a lot of moneymaking schemes available around the web. The AZ Code is just one of those. Though it is difficult to say that it is a scam or legit, it’s worth a try.

When you pay the $37, you will already have access to the system, provided that you have Internet. You can make use of the tutorial which is on the website. The only question is that, why don’t they have complete information about the creator of the AZ Code?

Nevertheless, the product continues to make certain promises that are very blurry. Although that is the case, there are certain AZ Code reviews that are positive, claiming that the system was successful in helping them learn about affiliate marketing.

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