The Red Tea Detox Review, this is full of controversy.

In this Red Tea Detox Review, I will look at the principles of the diet plan and the integrity of the author Liz Swann Miller. I want to know what Red Tea is. There are many brands of tea at the local supermarket so why have not seen Red Tea before?

Well actually, Red Tea is not as rare as I thought. From research, it has some amazing benefits that should make you lose weight as Liz Swann Miller claims.

 Who is Liz Swann Miller?

She is an author who has written many books. However, when it comes to the Red Tea Detox she says a student while studying in Africa introduced her to the tea.

Why is the tea worth writing about? It is worth bringing Red Tea to the attention of a wider audience, particularly an audience that is feeling the effects of age. You see when we age our bodies change. Some bodies change faster than others do but we can all accept the inevitable.

One of the changes that creep up on us is weight gain. If we do not keep on top of our diet then invariably we will gain weight. The weight gain can be solely due to our metabolism slowing down. I can attest to the fact that this causes weight gain as my belly grows on a weekly basis.

Liz Swann Miller’s fortuitous encounter with Red Tea may have the most significant impact on the diet industry.

What is Red Tea?

Great question to ask. Actually, Red Tea is not a tea. While classified as an herb. Its African name is Rooibos, which simply means red.

Indigenous tribes used Red Tea for centuries. Tribes would take the herb and let it steep in boiling water to make a tea like drink. This drink or beverage would suppress the appetite and relieve the feeling of hunger. Remember the African tribes are real hunter-gatherers. There are no supermarkets in the depths of Africa.

It was important for the tribe’s men to sustain their hunting abilities while having the stamina and energy to continue their pursuits over many hours or even days.

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An interesting component of Red Tea is aspalathin. The chemical structure of aspalathin not only suppresses the appetite but also stimulates the body to release energy over many hours.

This is the energy we take for granted and normally get from calorie intake. And often too many calories

That causes us to pile on the pounds.

The Red Tea Detox Review reveals the facts about Rooibos herb.

Red Tea contains more than 50% more benefits than the ubiquitous mighty green tea that is touted world wide as a super food.

Red tea contains many mineral that are essential for our bodies to function.

Unlike other tea, Red Tea does not contain caffeine and we all know that caffeine can also contribute to weight gain.

Red tea is also high in zinc. Zinc helps our skin to look healthy along with its many other benefits.

While other teas have wonderful benefits, I have not found any with more benefits than Red Tea. Did you know that Red Tea promotes a healthy bone structure? It also helps to keep our teeth in good condition.

I need to lose weight can it help me?

Yes, it will help with your weight loss. The Red Tea Detox written by Liz Swann Miller will guide you through a process that will enable you to lose weight at a rate of at least 1 pound every day. A 30-pound weight loss every month is good going in anyone’s book.

The great thing about the Red Tea Detox is that you will not feel hungry and the urge to go and get a burger to satisfy your cravings.

The Red Tea will also detox your body. Detoxification, recognized as a key factor in weight loss. Unless you detox before any weight loss program you are doomed to fail. It is not because you have done anything wrong but because the body is unable to trigger the fat burning process.

Detoxification is critical to your weight loss success. In addition, with the benefits from drinking Red Tea not only will it remove the unwanted toxins from your body, it will provide you with an unprecedented amount of energy never witnessed in any other natural weight loss remedy.

Red tea reduces your bad cholesterol and prevents the hormones that cause us the feelings of stress. We know that stress is complicit in weight gain.


Okay let me get started. Weight loss, reduces bad cholesterol, causes energy to rise, reduces stress, protects the liver and pancreas, promotes healthy bones and teeth, and supplies essential minerals and nutrients.

The list is too long for this short review. Red tea will become a super food in the future and recognized by the western society. It will become prolific as it is in Africa.


I cannot find any disadvantages to the Red Tea Detox. There are some negative reviews but they do not dispute the effectiveness of Red Tea. These reviews focus more on the supply chain of Red Tea and the pricing more than anything else is.

I think it safe to say you can ignore the negative reviews.

Where to find the Red Tea Detox by Liz Swann Miller

You can find the Red Tea Detox at

It has a retail price of $37.00. You can find better deals with some huge discounts. If you buy from the seller and find you have an issue with the product it will be easier to process your money back guarantee.


In this Red Tea Detox Review, I have provided an impartial overview of the product.

If you struggle with weight loss at any age, this product is for you. I feel that if Liz Swann Miller was perceptive with her marketing this product would revolutionize the diet industry and provide consumers with a healthy easy option to weight loss.

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